Elementary Summer Camp 2023!

Join us for team leadership training along with on court skills and games!

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  • Pure Hoops Clinics are designed to help players build and develop good habits in their game.
  • Players will be challenged with at least 1 offensive and 1 defensive fundamental each week. 

  • Our Clinics will incorporate the fundamentals learned into live game situations.
  • Clinics start at $20/session

  • Based upon your players specific goal, our clinics will advance their game to get them to the next level.

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Individual Training

Individual Training

Individual Training

  • Individual workouts offer a 1:1 player to coach ratio. 

  • 1 on 1 lessons are designed to give YOU a personalized training game-plan that will maximize YOUR time on the court.

  • Individual workouts start at $65/hour 

  • All of our personal training offers take home workouts to enhance and elevate improvement on days away from Pure Hoops.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Small Group Training

  • Small group training highlights players with complementary skill levels to elevate competition.

  • Small group training starts at $20 per hour.

  • Bring your own group, or request to get paired up with similar-skilled athletes! 

  • Small group training consists of skills work, as well as game-like situations and 2v2/3v3 to put into practice our trianing focus.

Court/Shoot-Away Gun Reservations

Court/Shoot-Away Gun Reservations

Court/Shoot-Away Gun Reservations

  • Hoop and Shoot-Away Gun reservations allow you to elevate your game on your own time. 

  • Users have access to The Gun shooting machine, where you can maximize your reps in a short amount of time. 

  • Users will receive personalized log-in with shot tracking ability. Users can see their shots tracked from their computer or device.

  • Schedule workouts through our website in advance to use The Gun in our brand new facility! Email andrew@purehoopsacademy.com to reserve!

Become a Member

Take your game to the next level by becoming a Pure Hoops Member.

Each member receives preferred court time and reservations on our Shoot-Away Gun. Get your shots up at your own pace and work on your game here at Pure Hoops! Shooting Memberships start as low as $75 per month* 

*Restrictions apply, please speak with a team member for pricing specifics. 

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